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APU Masters Degree Scholarship & Merit Award Application Form

Please note that this form will only assist in sending you further relevant details. You will still be required to send us complete documents for your application such as your recent academic transcripts and results. We will contact you for the complete information about the course you are interested in, entry level, your current qualifications and contact numbers.

APU Postgraduate Master’s Degree Scholarships & Merit Awards are offered for academic success. Secure the Scholarships by enrolling at APU; together with your academic results. Please note that Scholarships are limited and on first come first serve basis.

Countries Applicable


CGPA Requirement
on a Scale of 4.0

APU Merit Award 

All CountriesBachelors Degree3.7 & above30% Discount

All Countries

Bachelors Degree

3.5 & above20% Discount

All Countries

Bachelors Degree

3.2 & above10% Discount

* For applicants who are using other grading schemes, APU will determine the equivalent CGPA and make the decision on the Scholarship. All scholarships & Merit Awards offered by APU to any student are at the absolute discretion of Scholarship Committee.

Documents Required

  • Bachelor Degree Certificate & Transcripts
  • Bachelor Degree Grading System
  • Resume - CV
  • Reference Letters from Employers (if applicable)
  • Any other supporting documents relevant to your academic qualifications

Terms & Conditions

All Scholarships & Merit Awards offered by APU are subject to the following terms and conditions as stated below:

  • All Scholarships & Merit Awards offered by APU to any student are at the absolute discretion of Scholarship Committee. 
  • Scholarships (Discount) are limited to course/tuition fees only. All other fees & expenses including library fees, registration fees, accommodation fees, deposits, student ID, resit or retake fees, living and travel expenses; as determined by the scholarship award shall be borne by the Scholarship & Merit Award holder. 
  • Scholarship awards are not transferable or exchangeable for cash either in part or in full. 
  • The University reserves the right to decide on the number of scholarships to be awarded for each programme. 
  • All Scholarships & Merit Award recipients would be expected to contribute to the APU/APIIT Community through participation in Exhibition, Roadshows, Open Days, Student ARC, Student Welcome Team or any other activities as assigned by the institution. 
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to sign an agreement accepting the terms and conditions of the scholarship. Recipients who fail to comply with all the terms and conditions of the scholarship will be required to pay back in full the total scholarship value awarded to him / her by APU.
  • Scholarship holders must practice exemplary behavior and read, understand and comply with all rules, regulations and requirements as stipulated by the Rules & Regulations and Professional Code of Conduct of APU/APIIT. 
  • Scholarship holders should attend regularly, diligently and without fail all classes, lectures, tutorials and lessons required by the course or programme of study. 
  • Meet all requirements pertaining to completion of assignments, projects and examinations as required by the course of study. 
  • All scholarships are applicable for studies at APU/APIIT in Malaysia only and are not applicable for study at overseas partner universities. 
Please email us at scholarships@apu.edu.my for more information.
Applications will not be considered if the required information and/or documents are incomplete or not submitted.

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APU Masters Degree Scholarship Application Form
Please ensure that copies of your Bachelor Degree Certificate & Transcripts, Details of Bachelor Degree Grading System, Passport Copy (details page only), Resume / CV, Reference Letters from employers (if applicable) are attached for your scholarship application to be considered. Maximum 10 files can be uploaded, with 3MB per file.
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