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Travel and Immigration Advice

Student Pass and Passport Requirements

All students intend to study in Malaysia need to apply for a Student Pass. The visa application and approval must be obtained before your arrival in Malaysia.


  • MM2H Principal
  • MM2H Dependent - Age 18 & above
  • Resident Pass – Dependent
  • Expatriate/Employment Visa (EPI, EP II, EP III, etc) – Dependent
  • Diplomatic Visa – Dependent (if NOT under IMMMIGRATION (EXEMPTION) ORDER 1963)
  • Spouse Visa Long-term Visit Pass (Married to Malaysian Citizen)
  • Long Term Social Visit Pass
  • Social Visit Pass
  • UN Refugee Card Holders
Please note that for all the categories above, student should only cancel the above pass; once the Student Visa Approval Letter (VAL) has been obtained by the University, or the applicant is advised to cancel/shorten the current Pass as per advise by EMGS.


Stamp of “Permission to Study” is required to be obtained on the passport from Immigration of Malaysia for the following categories:
  • MM2H Dependent – Applicant must be below 18 years old. 18 Years and above need to apply Student Pass.
  • Diplomatic Visa – Principal/Dependent - IMMMIGRATION (EXEMPTION) ORDER 1963 – it’s advisable for attestation purposes.
  • Expatriate Visa (EPI, EP II, EP III) – Principal (For Masters, or PHD - PT Courses only)
  • Resident Pass (Talent Corp) – Principal Holder and Spouse - “Eligibility to Study” letter is needed from Talent Corp.
Please note that international students who do not have Student Pass, or “Permission to Study” – we are not allowed to enroll them.

Before coming to Malaysia, make sure you know that:

  • Your passport must have a minimum validity of 28 months beyond the period of stay from the day you enter Malaysia
  • You are permitted to hold only one pass at a time, i.e. your Student Pass
  • Your Student Pass is non-transferable and permits you to study only at APU. The pass is valid for 1 (one) year and is renewable while you remain as a student at APU

Social Visit Pass

You are advised to apply for a Student Pass before your arrival in Malaysia.You should only arrive, once you have obtained Visa Approval (VAL).

Note that all students and visitors to Malaysia are subject to the Immigration Act 1959/63.

Expiry and Extension of Student Pass

It is your responsibility to remember when your Student Pass expires. You need to submit application for your Student Pass extension 3 (three) month before the expiry date. Failing to do so may cause you to be compounded for overstaying in Malaysia by the Immigration Department.

Working in Malaysia

The Immigration Department of Malaysia allows International students to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week while studying in Malaysia and only during semester breaks which are more than 7 days long. Students need to obtain an approval from Immigration Department of Malaysia. International Students are not allowed to work in Malaysia during their studies.

Leaving and Re-entry to Malaysia

When returning to Malaysia from your holiday, ensure that your Student Pass is still valid for no less than 1 (one) month from the date you re-enter Malaysia. You are advised to inform us of your travel plans and the length of your stay abroad.

Renewal of Passport

You are strongly advised to renew your passport at your country's Embassy, High Commission, Diplomatic, or Consulate Office in Kuala Lumpur in order to facilitate the transfer of Student Pass endorsement from your old passport to the new one.

Note: The information above is valid at the time of writing. Check with your local Malaysian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate that this information is still up to date, as immigration rules change from time to time. You can also check from the Malaysian Immigration website at