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APU Learning Development Centre

APU-Learning Development Centre - Strive Ahead

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) Learning Development Centre aims to work thoroughly together to ensure students will thrive at the present and in the future. This centre is committed to provide professional academic environment in nurturing all-rounded graduates & professionals into world ready leaders. Through its holistic academic teaching and learning approach coupled with the support of this centre, APU students will be able to develop the essential knowledge base & critical skill sets that will endeavor towards becoming self-reliant, aspire, vibrant and exemplary individuals.

Race to reskill through APU Learning Development Centre which focuses on two distinct areas of student development; their on-going education journey & preparation towards the finishing line; journey following graduation (input & output).

APU Learning Development Centre provides several strategies in developing and preparing students to optimize their potential throughout their education journey. Early interventions will be provided to poor-performing students who are weak at entry points and to those unable to cope with the studies at some points. An initial diagnostics measure is conducted as a form of formative assessment relevant to the discipline to identify the students. The centre will organize Remedial Program for a couple of weeks to ensure these students raised their knowledge to an acceptable level as others so they will be able to get to the mainstream. For the students that have difficulties during the semester, Refinery Treatment Program, a Peer Tutoring intervention is introduced to them. The program is conducted with the assistance of performing students with a faculty member as the facilitator. Both strategies are aimed at students to acquired adequate knowledge or skills at the completion of the course. 

The centre strategized to assists students who taking referral assessments. The referral assessments add additional load to the students that already have to cope with the studies and assessment of new semester/level courses. They may not have adequate time or resources to revise for referral on their own. This can possibly lead to cumulative failures. The centre provides revision classes with a dedicated faculty member to provide guidance to these students. 

The centre has a strategy to assists students with accumulated failures that potentially stop them from continuing their studies. Dedicated Student Welfare Officer (Academic) will consult the students and plan a detailed schedule to recover the failed course timely with the assistance of relevant faculty members. This initiative will ensure students complete their studies.

For any information & support, please contact learn@apu.edu.my

APU Hub of Information Services - Wealth of Knowledge

The Library and Information Services team provide all students with skills development related to the use of information in their learning activities from identification of appropriate sources of information to citing the sources.

The APU library is a well-equipped facility that offers an extensive range of reading and audio-visual materials. It aims to support the University’s instruction and research programs as well as establish and maintain state-of-the-art Multimedia Information Resources Service Centres’ for APU both in Malaysia and its overseas operations.

APU library provides a comprehensive range of core materials for all subjects taught within its current curriculums. These include newspapers, books, relevant print journals and CD Rom References. APU students are also allowed access to e-books and e-journal databases such as Ebrary, ProQuest   Computing,   ABI-INFORM,   ACM   Digital   Library,   Access Engineering, SpringerLink and CLJ Law and many other databases.

Students can access to online library databases through On Campus and Off Campus. Click here link to view the list of online databases subscribed by APU.

Information and Assistance Guidelines are provided to assist library users in locating the materials   on   the   library   website (https://library.apiit.edu.my/).

Library users may refer to the library guides online or seek assistance from any library staff or library assistants on duty. Students may contact us through Library Help Centre for further assistance on accessing the library databases.

APU Student Welcome & Welfare Team - ‘ASK ME’

The Student Welcome team provide academic and personal support sessions to help students to manage their time, deal with stress, adapt to university life and cope with different forms of assessment on aspects of student life.

Goes by the theme called ‘Ask Me’, APU Student Welcome team is proud to be the arc of warmth and joy for students to ensure smooth adaptation to the country as well as campus life. Ask them for any doubts and information on your new journey towards success!

APU Student Welcome team consisted number  of  enthusiastic, dedicated and talented individuals from all over the world, who are all prepared & ever-ready to assist in enhancing the living and learning experiences of the APU student community.

What We Do

  • We meet, greet and welcome students and their parents upon arrival at the Kuala Lumpur International Airports.
  • We assist students in checking into APU accommodations and their parents to their respective accommodations upon arrival, and ensure students are provided with best possible services and comfort at their home away from home!
  • We assist students in completing their Administrative and Registration Procedures at the University upon arriving
  • Students are guided for the Medical Checkup that is to be done by International Students upon arriving in Malaysia. Student Welcome Team members accompany the new students to the clinic and assist with the necessary arrangements to get the medical checkups done.
  • We organise sightseeing trips and tours for new students to familiarize themselves with Kuala Lumpur and nearby popular cities in Malaysia
  • We organise and host one of the MOST HAPPENING events at APU - The Freshmen Party!

Most of these are active and innovative individuals, who would be skilled talented professionals, our pride & joy!

APU, a professional leading educational hub, creates complete ALL-ROUNDED CHARACTERS who have knowledge, skills and wisdom that will better prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead, thus rewarding a promised future.

For assistance email us at studentwelcome@apu.edu.my

APU Digital Learning Hub - Digitalized the Learning Experience

APU's newest team is the Digital Learning Hub which provides students with advice and support on self-directed /online / distance learning to show them how to engage with materials which has been difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Being a Premier Digital Tech University, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) realised the need for digital education transformation, to enable students to learn without borders. Over the last two years, APU embarked on a digital education transformation journey, where Online Learning (OL) was implemented to complement its conventional on-campus mode of teaching & learning.

The e-Learning experience at APU is seamless; with only 1 set of credentials (known as APKey @ APU), students are open to access a variety of online resources & virtual systems. A student’s OL journey is wholesome – it covers their interaction from lecture materials, tutorials, assessments to backend support, performance monitoring and measurement of effectiveness.

For assistance email us at dlh@apu.edu.my

APU Dedicated Career Services - Focus on Future

Transitioning to the working environment is provided to students via the Careers Team as part of every student's compulsory internship which take place in the period before their final two semesters of study. The team provide support of interview, CV and presentation skills which are also useful for their taught courses and presentation of their final year projects.

Career/Education Guidance Counselling

The  Corporate Training / Career Services will  assist students in choosing  the  right pathway and channeling to the right industry linkages with strong emphasis on meeting the industry demand and understanding through its evaluation of  theory,  and  application  within  a  practical  framework.

Industrial Training

At APU, students are required to undergo 3-4 months of industrial training in the third year of their four-year degree course. With that, through this centre, there will be Internship briefing & workshop for students beforehand to better equip & prepares them for the world and industry ready graduates.

An Industrial Training Report in which all the work experience during the industrial training is documented are to be submitted and provided upon completion of the internship / industrial training.
APU supports industrial training activities by supervising the preparation and completion of the report.

Job Placement/Internship

APU continuously  receives  job  requirements  from  employers  in  the industry  who  wish  to  hire  its  graduates. The APU Job Placement and Internship Centre will help students to secure an internship.

For assistance email us at joblink@apu.edu.my