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Industry Visit To Gardenia Bakery

Apart from Engineering students, our Computing & Technology students had an opportunity to explore more about robotics & sensors as well!
Under the guidance of our lecturers, Umapathy Eganathan, Booma Poolan Marikannan and Vijayalaxmi Amuthan from School of Computing & Technology (SoCT), 80 students visited the Gardenia Bakery as part of their out-of-classroom experience.
At the visit, technical officers from Gardenia conducted a briefing followed by an exclusive tour, in which our students learnt about establishment of a Gardenia products and its history. At the bakery, our students explored more on the functionalities of robotic arms and sensors, while learning about the important roles played by these components under a manufacturing environment. Their knowledge of supply chain and logistics management broadened as well, while they were guided through the entire manufacturing process of Gardenia’s products.
The visit provided our students with a new realm of experience, particularly in the use of robotics and the technological applications within the manufacturing industry.