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Caring For The Environment

Apart from their knowledge attained from classroom encounters, our students learned more about the environment through a meaningful outing held recently at Bukit Kiara.

Under the guidance of their lecturers, Aziah Abdollah, Tulasi Sathyabama and Cynthia Paul together with the KL and RSC Hiking Group, 70 students of the School of Foundation participated in a cleanup mission together with another 70 passionate members of the public, to care for the environment and to contribute efforts of beautifying the city. 

It was shocking to see the heaps of rubbish cleared from the forests; the efforts made by our students and the volunteers were impressive, as they cleared out the rubbish scattered around Bukit Kiara. They’ve spent significant energy hiking the trails, while collecting and carrying the trash down the hill. It was definitely not an easy task to accomplish; Kudos to the participants for their perseverance and dedicated efforts!

​We have always put an emphasis on loving our green environment, to protect the environment and to preserve our lush, green forests. This time, the School of Foundation has definitely made significant changes to the surroundings of Bukit Kiara by participating in this activity. Despite the physical burnout afterward, our students learned so much from the experience and had managed to establish new friendships with the hikers, in which their communication skills had significantly improved while participating in the good cause.