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Raudhathul Al-Faeez Orphans Get Aidilfitri Aid From APU Clubs & Societies

It is a worthy cause for SPE APU SC, IMechE APU SC, and IASS to join in celebrating Eid Aidilfitri with 'Raudhathul Al-Faeez Orphanage and Welfare Home'.

The faces of 35 residents of the ‘Raudhathul Al-Faeez Orphanage and Welfare Home’ shone with joy when clubs & societies from Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) visited and delivered aid in conjunction with Eid Aidilfitri celebration.

The ‘Raya Gathering with Special People’ programme was organised by representatives from the Society of Petroleum Engineers APU Student Chapter (SPE APU SC), Institution of Mechanical Engineers APU Student Chapter (IMechE APU SC) and IEM-APU Student Section (IASS).

According to the SPE APU SC Faculty Advisor, Ts. Dr Harvin Kaur Gurchran Singh, participating in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is a great way to fulfil our roles and responsibilities in our community; and together, we can contribute positively to our society and environment, especially during Syawal.

APU Advisor, Ts Harvin led a team of five students representing their respective clubs to make the event a success.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the Raudhathul Al-Faeez community for providing us with such a warm welcoming atmosphere and a wonderful Eid celebration experience that we will never forget,” she said.

SPE KL Chairperson Mr Anwarudin Saidu Mohamed warmly welcomed everyone while students talked about Petroleum Engineers and had a casual chit-chat & game session with the Raudhathul Al-Faeez children at their home located at Keramat AU 4, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor.  

SPE APU SC President Geerbasini Elangovan stated that this is their first collaboration with all three clubs, having previously collaborated with SPE KL last year for their flagship event, which is Saturday for SPE and IMechE APU SC for a technical talk and workshop.

“We began with a Ramadan fund-raising event and raised RM945. The funds were used to buy food, distribute ‘duit raya’, and provide a goodie bag for Raudhathul Al-Faeez's children.

Giving 'duit raya' and goodie bags is one of the events that the children are looking forward to.

“We got to know some very talented kids in the community who wanted to be future doctors, teachers, and engineers. We had a great time talking and playing games with them, and it was almost like a cultural exchange for some of us,” she said, speaking on behalf of all three groups involved. 

The team then had lunch with the community, where they discuss their interests further, and after lunch, the 'duit raya' and goodie bag giving ceremony was held.

Finally, to make this an unforgettable experience, the team organised a photo shoot with the Raudhathul Al-Faeez community.