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Fluffy Charity Moves By APU Student-Volunteers

Nurturing a love for animals and instilling a sense of respect for every living creature among the young generation, will ultimately lay a foundation for them to become better human beings.

Besides pursuing a degree for professional growth, APU students also enhance their personal development as caring individuals through co-curricular involvements such as that linked to animal protection.

In conjunction with World Animal Day 2022, animal-care volunteers from APU raised RM1,500 from the pets event day, which they organised on the campus earlier, and subsequently channelled it to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

World Animal Day is celebrated on Oct 4 every year.

Their good charity moves earned them high recognition from the Royal Patron of the “Stray Free Selangor” programme, Tengku Permaisuri of Selangor Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin, at a ceremony held on 29th October 2022, at the SPCA centre located at Ampang, Selangor.

Fourteen student volunteers from APU happily met up with Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin, who graced the programme at the venue, and from whom their mentor Ms Abbhirami Sivarajan received a certificate of appreciation. APU community enjoyed a group photo opportunity with Her Royal Highness while she took a tour of the SPCA cat care centre.

At the same time, they also made the acquaintance of SPCA patron Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Chairman Christine Chin, as well as former Veterinary Services Department director-general Datuk Dr Quaza Nizamuddin Hassan Nizam.

Since 2016, there were about 700 APU students have been volunteering at SPCA where they are trained to work at the animal shelter, walk the dogs, do cleaning jobs, and participate in events for raising public awareness on rescuing stray animals organised by the said society.

“APU students through different fundraising movements had so far raised and donated cash and animal food worth RM50,000 to SPCA since 2016. They also contributed to regular voluntary works up to today,” said Abbhirami.

Public donations have allowed SPCA to provide up to an 80% discount to rescuers who bring stray cats and dogs to SPCA to get them spayed and neutered.

Keep up with the good charity, APU-ian!