Ejjaz Hakimi's Triumph and APU's Stellar Show at FameLab Malaysia 2023 Finals | Asia Pacific University (APU)

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Ejjaz Hakimi's Triumph and APU's Stellar Show at FameLab Malaysia 2023 Finals

At the eagerly awaited national finals of FameLab Malaysia 2023, there were 11 top finalists, including experienced professionals, practising astronomers, and Ph.D. holders. Among them, Ejjaz Hakimi Mohamad Azan, a 19-year-old student enrolled in the Diploma in Information & Communication Technology programme at the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), had his skills in both science and communication proven, ultimately achieving the runner-up position.

Ejjaz Hakimi Mohamad Azan from APU (second right) receives the runner-up accolade from Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ir. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali, Joint Chairman of MIGHT (second left). Also in the photo are Mr. Rushdi Abdul Rahim, President & CEO of MIGHT (left), and Dr. Liz Alexander, Senior Associate of MIGHT (right).

FameLab Malaysia 2023 was a regional STEM presentation competition organised by the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT). Ejjaz Hakimi took the stage with a compelling presentation titled The Color of Your Clothes: More than Just a Fashion Sense.

The prestigious national final of this competition, which reinforces the idea of effectively communicating scientific ideas, was held on the 20th of October at Sunway University. During his turn, Ejjaz Hakimi explored the fascinating interplay between clothing colour and human psychology, highlighting that fashion choices can influence not only how we perceive others but also how we perceive ourselves.

Ms. Iman Danish (second left) takes pride in mentoring the three FameLab Malaysia 2023 finalists (from left to right): Ejjaz Hakimi, Howard Ngu Wen Hao, and Moses Tung Yung Jian.

His victory was enthusiastically celebrated by a cheerleading squad made up of 70 of his university peers who purposefully came to the arena on the night of the 20th of October to show their support to the three finalists representing APU – Ejjaz alongside his peers Moses Tung Yung Jian and Howard Ngu Wen Hao.

Ejjaz's achievement, as well as the exceptional communication skills and deep understanding of their chosen topics demonstrated by APU’s trio, is a testament to their talent, dedication, and the quality of education at APU, under the guidance and mentoring of the School of Foundation and their lecturer, Ms. Iman Danish.

Ejjaz Hakimi (from left), Moses Tung Yung Jian and Howard Ngu Wen Hao present their topics. 

Under Ms. Iman's guidance, Moses addressed the critical issue of Victim Mentality, shedding light on the psychological factors that contribute to this mindset and its effects on personal growth and society. Howard, on the other hand, tackled the pressing topic of Acknowledging the Threats of AI, emphasising the importance of understanding and preparing for advancements in artificial intelligence.

Commenting on her students’ performance, Ms. Iman remarked, “The three students' presentations were nothing short of impeccable. I noticed their ability to articulate complex concepts in an engaging and accessible manner captivated both the judges and the audience.”

“Beyond that, the enthusiastic presence of APU supporters not only showcased the strong camaraderie within the university but also highlighted the collective pride and encouragement that Ejjaz, Howard, and Moses received. This support not only energised the event but also underscored the close-knit and supportive environment that defines APU's academic and extracurricular activities,” she added.

Ejjaz, Howard, and Moses join the winners of FameLab Malaysia 2023, their mentor, and guests of honour on stage after the award ceremony.

Ejjaz, Howard, and Moses have not only made APU proud but have also left an indelible mark on the national stage. Their achievements are an inspiration to all students and a testament to the importance of combining knowledge with effective communication.

Applauding this moment of immense pride and celebration for the entire APU community, Datin Dr. Sarvinder Kaur, Head of the School of Foundation Studies, concluded, “Well done! Ejjaz, Howard, and Moses' performance in the national finals, where they shared the stage with industry experts, is a testament to their outstanding potential and the high-quality education provided by APU, underlining our commitment to nurturing and empowering its students. It is indeed a moment of immense pride and celebration for the entire APU community, and we eagerly await the future accomplishments of these bright young minds.”