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Champions of E-Learning Innovation at IUCEL 2023

APU revolutionise e-learning with hat-trick Gold-winning projects showcasing the innovative spirit and dedication of students and educators in the field.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) made a remarkable appearance at the International University Carnival on E-Learning (IUCEL) 2023, winning three Gold Medals under the Invention, Innovation & Design on E-Learning (IIDEL) category.

IUCEL 2023 was held from 25th to 26th September 2023, at Kuantan City Council Hall, Pahang as a platform for educators and students to showcase their innovative ideas and projects in e-learning.

This carnival was organised by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA), and Majlis Ketua-Ketua Penyelaras e-Pembelajaran IPTA Malaysia (MEIPTA).

The goal of this carnival is to explore global practises in e-learning applications and promote continual advances in teaching and learning under the theme “Empowering Society Through Education 5.0”.

APU submitted three outstanding entries in the IIDEL category, and all three projects received Gold Medals, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and excellence in e-learning.

The three winning projects are Discovering Cultural Tourism Via Vertical Chatbot - The Shadow Puppet Theatre, Virtual Rehab Coach (RECLINE) - A Revolutionary Approach to Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation, and eduQRation: Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes Through QR Code-Based Gamified Learning.

A Golden Treble

A hat-trick is a rare and exciting feat in competitions, but a hat-trick gold-winning performance is even more extraordinary, equivalent to hitting the jackpot, a perfect trifecta of individual brilliance and team success.

Discovering Cultural Tourism Via Vertical Chatbot - The Shadow Puppet Theatre by Information & Communication Technology students Wong Chai Fuu and Ng Zi Yuan were mentored by Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Vinothini Kasinathan and Dr. Julia Juremi.

This project takes a unique approach to cultural education by introducing users to the world of shadow puppet theatre and cultural tourism via chatbot.

In the context of Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4), the development and preservation of traditional art forms such as shadow puppetry can help to achieve the goal in many ways.

For example, incorporating shadow puppets into educational programmes can contribute to diverse and inclusive learning environments by promoting cultural awareness and understanding among communities, preserving local cultural heritage, and transmitting traditional values and knowledge to younger generations.

It can also cultivate an awareness of the cultural variety and stimulate intercultural interaction among students from various backgrounds, as was added to the Shadower chatbot with multi-language support and the ability to color and create a shadow puppet.

The following project, Virtual Rehab Coach (RECLINE) - A Revolutionary Approach to Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation, was created by Leong Kah Meng and Ho Hooi Yi (Intelligent System students), who were mentored by Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Vinothini Kasinathan and Ms. Nur Amira Abdul Majid.

Their ground-breaking project seeks to revolutionise upper limb stroke rehabilitation through virtual coaching.

This project also contributed to SDG 4’s goal of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

In the meantime, using this chatbot can improve and encourage the proportion of young and adults to use information and communication technology (ICT).

Last but not least, Mr. Mohamad Firdaus Che Abdul Rani, an APU Senior Lecturer, developed eduQRation: Improving Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes Through QR Code-Based Gamified Learning.

His project focuses on enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes through QR code-based gamified learning.

This project supported SDG 9 (Building Resilient Infrastructure, Promoting Sustainable Industrialization, and Fostering Innovation) by increasing expenditure on research and development (R&D) as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP).

Learn, Grow, and Lead

All of these projects demonstrate how APU students use technology to improve teaching and learning in a variety of creative ways. They also emphasise mentors’ critical role in guiding and supporting students’ innovative endeavours.

Chai Fuu and Zi Yuan’s journey with their Shadow Puppet Theatre was about more than simply obtaining a Gold Medal; it was also about personal growth and learning.

“We highlighted the life skills acquired during the journey, such as stress management, improved communication, and presentation skills besides the importance of collaborating with an exceptional team and mentors,” both of them explained.

Kah Meng and Hooi Yi, the designers of Virtual Rehab Coach, consider this achievement to be something they have been looking for because they have done their best and included guidance from their mentor, allowing them to analyse the efficiency of their system.

“Taking part in these innovation competitions enabled us to put our dreams into action and contribute to societ,” said Kah Meng, while Hooi Yi added that “It also emphasised the significance of considering multiple aspects of technology rather than focusing on a single dimension.”

“All of these outstanding projects showcased at IUCEL 2023 will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for future generations, demonstrating the power of education and technology to empower society,” said Mr. Mohamad Firdaus, developer of the eduQRation.

The accomplishments of these gifted individuals at IUCEL 2023 serve as a reminder that the future of education is full of limitless possibilities.