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Inspiring Students’ Creativity & Innovation Through Ideation

APU Videre and APU 3M Avant Garde 2023 inspired students to come up with new ideas and solutions, motivated them to do their best, improved their academics, encouraged students to be more creative and innovative, and helped bridge the gap between science and technology.

Internal competitions can be a beneficial tool for universities and students since they gain valuable experience while motivating them, enhancing academic performance, and expanding their knowledge.

Competitions can be utilised to recruit and retain top talent by allowing students to demonstrate their skills and abilities while also fostering a healthy and competitive learning atmosphere.

As the Premier Digital Tech Institute, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) welcomes its students to compete in a variety of internal and external competitions.

APU Videre and APU 3M Avant Garde 2023, for example, allow students to apply their Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge in a practical setting while simultaneously promoting the democratisation of knowledge in the field of technology.

The top ten winners pose for a group photo.

APU Videre (Videre, a Latin word that means ‘see’ in English), is a first-of-its-kind internal competition for students taking the Intro to Artificial Intelligence (AI) module and has attracted 162 students divided into groups of three or two.

All participants are tasked with developing a chatbot that can be used in a specific vertical industry, such as healthcare, education, or customer service, that is based on the theme ‘vertical chatbots’.

The competition was a huge success, and all participants were judged based on their introduction outlining the competition’s objective and target audience, problem statement, solution, and creativity, which were all presented in an informative poster design.

Dang Ming Yao, Chris Foong Chi Tong and Darren Chey Wei Jun won first place in the APU Videre competition with their Epidermax - Skin Knowledge Chatbot; followed by Gizzy Chatbot - Great Pyramid of Giza by Amanda Chee Cai, Tan Sing Ye and Yeo Yong Qin (second place); and Alexis Kadazan Chatbot Infographic Poster by Tristen Chris Melvin Mojinun, Ong Zi Yang and Trilester Movees Tirilos (third place).

MelaniBot poster by Lim Kean Keong, Lee Jin Ming and Siew Ze Dong; BeiBei Bot - Forbidden City of China by Poh Yu Zhe, Lee Hui Qin and Lee Shu Hui; Kelsy Chatbot - The Colosseum by Cheong Yu Xuan, Muhammad Haikal and Wilson Phon Keng Meng; Lotud Chatbot Infographic Poster by Jay Roland Janson, Tan Jia Hui and Lee Guo Xi; LungsterBot- Lungs Chatbot by Darshinii Sivasubramaniam, Lim Jia Wei and Johnson; Brainy - Informative NeuroGuide Companion by Ham Zi Hao, Tan Yong Zhen and Wong Sin Yee; and Bisaya by Varshan Balamurugan and Sutharshan Rajendran were also among the top ten winners.

APU 3M Avant Garde competition makes a comeback with fascinating and unique presentations

Yap Kar Look explains Blockchain Technology.

The APU 3M Avant Garde Competition returned this year with a bang after a two-year absence due to the pandemic, showcasing fascinating and unique presentations from students across the School of Computing (SoC).

This year’s competition included a single category: explaining technology in three minutes to a wide audience, particularly grandparents.

The competition not only helped participants improve their communication abilities, but it also encouraged the democratisation of technological knowledge. It also acted served as a platform to promote Famelab Malaysia, a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM).

The event’s dual aim added an extra degree of significance, as it provided students with vital experience and exposure in the field of science communication.

Furthermore, the mix of participants, ranging from SoC diplomas to degree students, ensured a diverse range of opinions and ideas, making the competition even more fascinating and informative.

Yap Kar Look, an Information Technology diploma student, won the competition with his presentation on Blockchain Technology. He used a range of objects, such as paper models and soft toys, to convey a complex idea in a straightforward and appealing manner.

He stated that he entered the competition with little expectation, but he was glad he did because the competition helped him develop his public speaking skills and gain confidence in his ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Lee En Xi demonstrates quantum computing.

Meanwhile, Lee En Xi, an Intelligent Systems degree student, was named first runner-up for his presentation on quantum computing. In addition, he used props to teach the fundamental principles and vocabulary of quantum computing in a fun and interactive manner.

He stated that the competition taught him a lot about quantum computing and that he is now more interested in learning more about this topic. He also stated that the tournament helped him improve his presentation abilities and gain confidence in his ability to talk in public.

Overall, both competitions demonstrate APU’s SoC dedication and passion for supporting student creativity, AI, and creative problem-solving.

Initiatives such as APU Videre and APU 3M Avant Garde have the potential to create a lasting legacy by inspiring future generations of students and promoting an environment of innovation and collaboration within educational institutions.

Congratulations to Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Vinothini Kasinathan, Ms. Tham Hoong Ching, Dr. Dewi Octaviani, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Tan Chin Ike, Ms. Aida Zamnah Zainal Abidin, and everyone else who contributed to the success of this competition.

Their efforts help to develop future innovators and problem solvers in the field of AI and beyond.

Beaming with joy and enthusiasm with all the winners.