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Unbreakable Bonds at Fulfilling Bonding Event

SoMAD Sukaneka 2023 soared to success, exceeding its goals of forging meaningful bonds between lecturers and students, and inspiring a healthier, more active lifestyle.

When people have shared interests, it creates a starting point for conversation and relationship building. Sports, for example, allow lecturers and students to enjoy the excitement of the game while building trust.

School of Media, Arts, and Design (SoMAD), recently organised SoMAD Sukaneka, a fun-filled bonding event on 20 October 2023.

It was held for the first time at the APIIT Foyer, with the goal of providing a bonding opportunity for staff and students while breaking down any hierarchical boundaries.

“We sometimes get so tied up just in the academic life of studying and teaching, it can be challenging for some students and staff to ‘let-go’ and ‘have-fun’ and just be friends for the day.

“Apart from strength, this event involves several aspects of testing on agility, mentality, and speed. Regardless of age, status, or gender, we all participate at the same level,” said Ms. Debbie Liew Pooi Kuan, Head of SoMAD.

“We will consider making it an annual event, and hopefully this will inspire other schools to do the same.”

The SoMAD Sukaneka featured a mix of traditional sports and games, including Coconut Bowling, Balloon Rumble, Straw and Rubber Band Relay Race, Find Candy in Flour and Tug of War.

SoMAD Sukaneka Project Manager Mr. Shazwan Halamy described the event as a complex jigsaw of logistics, collaboration, and commitment.

“We have seen first-hand how Sukaneka events transform relationships between lecturers and students, bridging gaps and fostering unity when all the pieces come together, it is a breath-taking mosaic of achievement,” he said.

The event drew 15 faculty members and 40 students. Green Goobers, Blue Monster, Hellow Yellow, Red Sus, and Violet Violence were the teams created, with each team consisting of 11 people, a mix of academics and students.

Most of the students who took part in this event were SoMAD students, but students from other schools also joined in on the fun.

Low Mian Sheng, an Industrial Design student, pointed out, organising sports like these can help to improve the bonds between students and SoMAD staff while also encouraging them to stay active and healthy.

The Grand Sukaneka MVP (champion): Blue Monster Team, Sukaneka MVP Sidekick (1st Runner): Hellow Yellow Team, Super Sukaneka Staff (Best Player Staff): Mr Vikram Singh, and Super Sukaneka Student (Best Player Student): Moiz Maqbool were winners of the SoMAD Sukaneka.

“Students and lecturers can organise sports teams and compete against one another. This can be a fun and competitive approach to communicate with others and get to know them better,” he said.

Natasha Ling Jian Ni, a Design and Media student, enthused, “Physical activity releases endorphins, which boost mood and provide a welcome distraction from academic and personal worries, making SoMAD Sukaneka the perfect way to unwind and recharge.”

Mr. Mohd. Norhazli Mohamed Azlanudin, SoMAD Animation Lecturer, emphasized the importance of sports in boosting self-confidence and self-esteem, both for lecturers and students.

He highlighted the numerous benefits of sports in fostering relationships, including providing a common interest, promoting teamwork and cooperation, encouraging physical activity, and reducing stress and anxiety.

All participants enjoyed the competitive games as well as the opportunity to interact with their lecturers and classmates at the SoMAD Sukaneka event.

Sports are good for students for many reasons. They provide physical and mental benefits, as well as opportunities for social and emotional development.

Simultaneously, this event also focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) 3 and 4, the twin pillars of health and education that are critical for constructing a more just and equitable world.