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APU and Futurize Announce Strategic Partnership

The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), with its mission to transform the next generation of industry professionals in Malaysia through high-quality and innovation-driven education, partners with Futurize to launch Fuel Asia 2023, an entrepreneurship programme to address the most pressing challenges in healthcare and climate change.

This was originally reported by Futurize on its website: - https://www.futurize.studio/blog/the-asia-pacific-university-of-technology-and-innovation-apu-and-futurize-announce-strategic-partnership

Futurize, driven by a goal to cultivate and grow university-student and youth-led entrepreneurial ventures, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), a leading university of technology and innovation in Malaysia, transforming students into highly employable and competent professionals equipped with the skills of the future.

This landmark collaboration sets the stage for the launch of Fuel Asia 2023, a programme aimed to catalyse innovation within emerging entrepreneurs across the Asia Pacific region (APAC). The programme is designed to inspire young leaders to solve critical healthcare and climate change challenges, addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

APU was built to provide internationally recognised, high-calibre, affordable, and cutting-edge education and research through enriching and distinctive learning experiences. As we approach the highly-anticipated launch of the second edition of the Fuel Asia programme that will run from 24th November to 5th December 2023, it is our privilege to have APU as our official strategic ecosystem partner in Malaysia.

“This partnership is more than just an agreement; it’s a testament to our shared vision of creating a brighter future through education and innovation. We are excited to see the positive impact this collaboration will have on our students and the wider entrepreneurial community,” Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, Vice Chancellor at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation.

The goal of the Fuel Asia programme and the alliance between Futurize and APU is to bolster entrepreneurial initiatives across the continent, especially among university students. This collaboration involves establishing a strong community, offering students technical support and mentorship to develop new startups, and creating an international platform for them to capitalise on their potential and kick off their careers.

Fuel Asia 2023 is setting the stage for future programme co-creation and collaboration opportunities with APU across Malaysia and the APAC region.

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To learn more about the Fuel Asia 2023 programme, please visit our official website at www.futurize.studio/fuel-asia