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A Spectacular Celebration of Cultural Diversity and Innovation

SoMM Fusion Fest 2023, hosted by the School of Marketing and Management (SoMM) at the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), shone brightly during its two-day run. The event united students and staff in a vibrant celebration of the university's cultural diversity.

From October 12th to 13th, this annual extravaganza left a memorable mark on the academic journey of attendees with captivating performances, a bustling bazaar, exciting games, and enlightening workshops featuring industry experts and faculty members.

The festival commenced with an opening speech by Dr. Arumugam G Sithamparam, a welcoming address by SoMM's Head, Associate Professor Dr. Devinder Kaur, and a launching by Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, witnessed by over 200 attendees – Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor. Ts. Dr. Murali Raman, APU students staff, Senior Directors, and Heads of Schools.

SoMM Fusion Fest 2023 provided a platform for students to display their creativity, talents, and entrepreneurial skills through stunning cultural and talent performances as well as engaging bazaars.

Activities such as a treasure hunt and QR Code Challenge brought additional excitement to the participants. The School of Global Hospitality and Tourism (SGHT) participated by providing a variety of Asian cuisine bazaars; the School of Psychology (SoP) offered complimentary health tests and screenings, helping students assess their well-being and coping mechanisms.

"Masterclass of the Minds" workshops, featuring insights on personal branding, self-image, and financial literacy from industry experts, drew over 200 participants, equipping students with valuable practical knowledge and life skills.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Devinder Kaur praised the well-organised event, stating, "In celebrating the essence of cultural diversity and entrepreneurship, SoMM Fusion Fest 2023 has cultivated a strong sense of community among APU students and staff. The teamwork and dedication shown by the School’s Committee members have indeed created lasting memories for the attendees. I thank the working committee for their great efforts in making this event a success!"