APU eSports Dominates Campus Legends Malaysia 2023 Secures Regional Spotlight as 1st Runner-up | Asia Pacific University (APU)

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APU eSports Dominates Campus Legends Malaysia 2023 Secures Regional Spotlight as 1st Runner-up

In a showcase of prowess and dedication, the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation's (APU) eSports Club VALORANT Team secured impressive positions both nationally and regionally.

Five members of the team – Kieran Matthew Gon Jian Ren, Darwish Hakim Bin Nazari, Chen Joon Er, Ali Javaid, and Timothy Lee Weng Jee – won 1st place in the inaugural Campus Legends Malaysia 2023 tournament. They followed this achievement with a 2nd place finish in the Campus Legends MY/SG/PH Regional 2023 tournament.

The eSports competition, organised by the Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), aimed at identifying and celebrating emerging talents in the realm of competitive gaming.

APU's VALORANT Team started their journey during the national category of Campus Legends Malaysia 2023 on December 2023 and later successfully navigated through intense competition from other universities across Malaysia. This competitive e-sports team is led and managed by Sattish Pratap Shewkani, a student from the BSc (Hons) in Computer Science with a specialism in Data Analytics degree programme.

The national tournament featured fierce battles online, where APU emerged victorious against formidable opponents such as TARUMT, MMU, Taylors, and Sunway.

The APU eSports Club Valorant Team was crowned the first-ever Campus Legends Malaysia 2023 champion.

"Our APU eSports VALORANT Team showcased exceptional skill and determination, securing 1st place in the Campus Legends Malaysia without losing a single match against other Malaysian universities," expressed Mr. Matthew Wee Ann Poh, APU eSports Club Lecturer-Advisor. The team's flawless performance earned them the opportunity to represent Malaysia in the Regional Grand Finals held on December 3rd, 2023.

The Regional Grand Finals witnessed a clash of talents from Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. APU's team faced fierce challenges, leading to an intense final against Singapore. Despite their valiant efforts, APU's team secured an impressive 1st Runner-Up position, showcasing their mettle on the regional stage.

The significance of this achievement was built by the strong foundation laid at APU. In mid-2023, the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) appointed APU as the first eSports Focused Sports Centres (FSC) Programme Coordinator, allocating a grant fund of RM100,000 for the tenure from 2023 to 2025. This recognition positions APU as a pioneer in fostering a supportive environment for students interested in eSports, aligning with the university's commitment to providing quality education.

Furthermore, the APU eSports Club, established in January 2015, has been instrumental in nurturing gaming enthusiasts. The club's comprehensive support includes coaching, practice facilities, equipment, and competition travel fees. APU's proactive approach extends to collaborations and partnerships with industry professionals in game development and eSports, contributing to the development of a thriving ecosystem for students to flourish.

As the eSports landscape continues to evolve, APU remains at the forefront, shaping well-rounded talents and contributing significantly to the game industry. The remarkable journey of the APU eSports Club VALORANT Team in Campus Legends 2023 tournaments stands as a testament to the university's commitment to empowering young talent and contributing to a positive gaming culture on the campus.