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APU Shines at the International Inter Varsity Innovation Challenge 2023

In a resounding celebration of academic brilliance and groundbreaking innovation, the International Inter Varsity Innovation Challenge 2023 (IVIC2023) took the world stage from November 1st to December 8th, 2023. When the official results were unveiled on January 2nd, 2024, the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)'s Center of Research and Development for IoT (CREDIT) emerged as a beacon of success, with five teams bagging one gold, three silver, and one bronze medals.

CREDIT Team members with their mentors – (front row) Mr Krishna Ravinchandra (1st from left), Assoc Prof Ir Ts Dr Siva Kumar Sivanesan (3rd from left), Ir Narendran Ramasenderan (4th from left), Prof Ir Eur Ing Ts Dr Vinesh Thiruchelvam (centre), Assoc Prof Ts Dr Sathish Kumar Selva Perumal (4th from right), Ir Ts Dr Alexander Chee Hon Cheong (3rd from right), and Ir Ts Dr Yvette Shaan Li Susiapan (2nd from right)

Jointly organised by Einstein Research Academy, Jiangsu Vocational College of Medicine (China), and Al-Rafidain University College (Iraq), with support from INTI International University (Malaysia), IVIC2023 provided an exhilarating platform for diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate students globally. Participants were tasked with presenting their scientific or innovative ideas in a 3-minute video, creating a bridge between academia and the international scientific and business communities.

Under the competition's terms and conditions, each project involved a maximum of three members, focusing on innovative ideas related to science contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), innovation, and creativity. The judging criteria emphasised presentation skills, the ability to communicate research to a non-specialist audience, and the effectiveness of PowerPoint slides.

Amidst this global showcase, CREDIT played a pivotal role, guided by mentors Professor Ir Eur Ing Ts Dr Vinesh Thiruchelvam, Ir Ts Dr Alexander Chee Hon Cheong, Ir Ts Dr Yvette Shaan Li Susiapan, Associate Professor Ts Dr Sathish Kumar Selva Perumal, Associate Professor Ir Ts Dr Siva Kumar Sivanesan, Ir Narendran Ramasenderan, Ir Eur Ing Ts Dr Lau Chee Yong, and Mr Krishna Ravinchandra.

The multiple awards winners from CREDIT, from left: Chin Kah Min, Rohit Thomas, Kannan Uthaya Kumar, Pua Jun Yu, Cajun Tai Ka Joon, Kenneth Ng Joo Kiat, Vaishnavee Jaanvee Khurug, Kuah Zhun Hoe.

In a remarkable testament to their scientific acumen, all five CREDIT teams secured a place in the finals, each claiming a prestigious award.

The Autonomous Disaster Drone, The Smart Quadrupedal Disaster Robot part of the RescueAI Ecosystem.

The Gold Medal went to Team 'RescueAI Robotic Autonomy for Disaster Prediction and Response,' consisting of Rohit Thomas, Kenneth Ng Joo Kiat, and Cajun Tai Ka Joon. Their groundbreaking project utilised autonomous drone technology for disaster prediction and response, reshaping approaches to natural disaster mitigation.

The Underwater Drone (left) and the Lexxo Exoskeleton for Elderly Mobility.

Securing the Silver Medal was Team 'Underwater Drone,' featuring Zainab Yasmin and Vaishnavee Jaanvee Khurug. Their innovative deployment of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) for environmental conservation showcased a perfect blend of technology and societal needs.

The biomechanically advanced walking cane for elderly mobility project, named 'Lexxo Exoskeleton for Elderly Mobility,' brought another Silver Medal to APU, courtesy of the efforts of Sin Jun Yan, Chin Kah Min, and Kuah Zhun Hoe.

Team 'ALZHIMEX' claimed the Bronze Medal, comprising Rohit Thomas, Kannan Uthaya Kumar, and Pua Jun Yu. Their project integrated light therapy and gamification, presenting a promising prototype for Alzheimer's care.

Ir Eur Ing Ts Dr Lau Chee Yong (centre) with Team Smart 3D Green Plastic Monitoring and Management System’s Ryan Raj (left) and Mohammed Saad Mahmood Al-Kubaisi.

Beyond scientific and technological realms, Team 'Smart 3D Green Plastic Monitoring and Management System,' mentored by Ir Eur Ing Ts Dr Lau Chee Yong, won a Silver Medal. Mohammed Saad Mahmood Al-Kubaisi and Ryan Raj's project converted plastic bottles into valuable resources for 3D printing, offering a cost-effective alternative and exemplifying APU's commitment to addressing global issues sustainably.

This recognition not only highlights APU's dedication to innovation but also showcases the diverse impact of its endeavours. The remarkable achievements at IVIC 2023 by the university stand as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

The victories across various domains underscore APU's commitment to excellence and the pursuit of solutions that make a meaningful impact on our world. In the spirit of these accomplishments, APU continues to pave the way for a future where technological advancement harmonises with sustainability, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of global innovation.