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APU School of Foundation's Transformative ESG Initiative at Elshaddai Refugee School

The School of Foundation (SoF) at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) has embarked on a compelling year-long Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) project for the Elshaddai Refugee School in Puchong City, Selangor. This initiative aims to uplift the lives of refugee teenagers, aged 13 to 18, attending secondary school.

An ESG project for the Elshaddai Refugee School was conducted by APU student volunteers and academics.

Since January 26, a diverse group of APU student volunteers, representing various study programmes including Diploma, Foundation, and Degree, actively participated in the project, reflecting a balanced 50% ratio of local and international students.

The enthusiastic student volunteers received crucial support and expertise from APU SoF staff members, ensuring a holistic and impactful experience for both volunteers and refugee children. The project focuses on multifaceted interventions, including language skills, career development, digital literacy, and STEM education.

In carefully curated 1.5-hour sessions, APU student volunteers engaged in dynamic interactions with refugee teens, fostering a rich exchange of experiences and perspectives. In order to maintain a continuous flow of fresh perspectives and energy, SoF plans to rotate student volunteers every three months. This strategic approach maximises the initiative's impact and provides a broader spectrum of APU students with the opportunity to contribute to this meaningful programme.

Sharing his experience, Akshat Sharma, a Business Management with a Specialism in E-business degree student stated, “As a volunteer, I gained a deeper understanding of the life of a refugee. I learned about the challenges and triumphs of refugees and gained a greater appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit. Our support for the refugee teens and interactions in the form of games or activities, helped refugee students to be joyful, leading them to feel more hopeful about their future."

Despite cultural diversity, APU student volunteers found creative ways to interact and connect with refugee teens.

Likewise, Aimy Cheong Mun Way, who is currently pursuing a Diploma in ICT with a specialism in Software Engineering, said she is fortunate enough to be part of this impactful initiative. “I am inspired by the passion and commitment demonstrated in enhancing the lives of refugee children. This enriching experience of engaging with them to share moments of joy through games was heartwarming and eye-opening. Their eagerness to learn and resilience were truly inspiring,” said Aimy.

Despite cultural diversity, APU student volunteers found creative ways to interact and connect with refugee teens, using laughter as a common language that transcended differences.

Affirming her students’ active participation in this programme, Ms Iman Danish Sha, Lecturer of the School of Foundation Studies added, "As the project lead, I am grateful to involve my students and colleagues in this programme, creating meaningful experiences that go beyond the classroom. What is more, my enduring passion for enhancing the lives of refugees has found fulfilment in this initiative.”

After all, this initiative underscores APU's unwavering commitment to ESG and community development, demonstrating the university's dedication to positively impacting global communities through education. The APU School of Foundation, through collaborative efforts, contributes to transforming lives at Elshaddai Refugee School, exemplifying the powerful role education plays in fostering positive change.

As a side note, to ensure the safety and security of the refugee children, the faces of the participants have been deliberately blurred out in any documentation or media shared regarding the initiative, including this feature.