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Students Celebrate Cultural Day @ Asia Pacific Language Centre (APLC)

Staff and students were dressed in stunning traditional attire such as Saree, Cheongsam, Shalwar Kameez and Kurta, in conjunction with the Cultural Day which took place at the Asia Pacific Language Centre (APLC) in South City Plaza. This event has been held to increase students’ general and geographical knowledge, as well as strengthening their cross-cultural bond between each other through different cultural activities that took place on that day.

Several activities took place; such as the cultural booths that demonstrate the unique culture of different parts of the world, traditional attire fashion show, performances and so on. Students and staff of APLC surely had fun admiring each other’s’ traditional attire, tasting each other’s’ delectable traditional food, while cultural exchange has been performed successfully in the centre. Events like these are extremely beneficial to our students and let us hope for more in the future!