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APU Students Collaborate with WWF in "Save Sea Turtles" Campaign

In conjunction with Earth Day celebration on 22nd April, our students in Masters of International Business Communication from Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) have successfuly organized an awareness campaign on 29th April 2014 (Tuesday) to save sea turtles at the university main campus in Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil.

Jerry (left) explains to students about measures that can be done to save the endangered species.

This campaign called "Save Sea Turtle!" is an effort by the students to educate community members of APU about the situation and causes which endanger the sea turtles, and how they can help this effort by signing the pledge at the booth exhibition. The campaign also showcased a short video, an effort produced by a team about their visit to Turtle Sanctuary and Information Centre at Padang Kamunting beach, Malacca. The team also participated in a voluntary project of cleaning around the beach area to show their support to the environment. Simultaneously, an online campaign through Facebook and Instagram were being implemented to maximise the exposure of the awareness campaign. Over 170 pledges were collected within just three hours of campaign and the pledgers were given a free growing pet turtle as souvenirs to recognise their positive efforts.

170 pledges were collected by the team in just few hours from APU students to show their support for the saving turtle campaign.

Researches on marine turtles have revealed so many factors about these ancient creatures. The most endangered species in Malaysia was hawksbill turtle. As part of the effort to protect these endangered creatures, thousands of sea turtles around the world have been tagged to help collect information about their growth rates, reproductive cycles and migration routes. Hopefully this event has served its purpose in spreading the awareness among the APU community.