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APU Brushes Up Students' Emotional Intelligence

As university students who are busy in academics, extracurricular activities and personal engagements, it becomes extremely important for APU students to learn how to manage their emotions, to ensure that they are mentally healthy and well prepared to the upcoming challenges that they undertake in life. In accordance to such, Ms. Rachel Chou from the Asia Pacific Language Centre (APLC) has conducted a workshop on emotional intelligence, to encourage APU students to manage their own emotions effectively.

The workshop was held in APU Main Campus from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, on the 9th of May (Friday). Topics that were discussed include “What is EQ?”, “Why does EQ matter?”, “How to have better EQ?” and more. There were also some interactive sessions, such as EQ Quiz and group discussions, which have enabled students to reflect on their current emotional level and obtain peer-to-peer support among each other. Hopefully with more sessions like this to come, APU students will possess of the healthy mentality, and will be ready to take up future challenges.