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Students Say "Konnichiwa" to Japanese Foundation, KL

Apart from sushi, sashimi, anime and origami, the Japanese culture has many other unique elements which were spread across the world. On the 16th of May 2014 (Friday), the APU Japanese Club, led by their advisors, Ms. Rachel and Ms. Jenny, have organised a trip to the Japanese Foundation, which is located in Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

A total of 27 students participated in the trip, and they have enriched their knowledge in the Japanese culture, as there were a few sessions being arranged by the volunteers at the Foundation. There was Japanese language session, where students were taught simple Japanese language phrases, Washitsu session, where students were introduced to the traditions and customs in a tatami room, as well as an Origami session, where students were given the opportunity to folding their own paper art. Apart from that, the students also participated in a tour to the library, where different kinds of Japanese media and books were exhibited. At the end of the tour, students returned with happy and satisfied faces, apart from the souvenirs given by the Foundation. Arigato – to the Japanese Foundation KL, as well as the APU Japanese Club for organising such an awesome event!

About Japanese Foundation, KL

The Japan Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1972 with the purpose of promoting mutual cultural exchange between Japan and other countries. The Kuala Lumpur office was established in October 1989 and its status upgraded to Cultural Centre in February 1992. Three years later in April 1995, the Language Centre was formed under the umbrella of the Cultural Centre. The facilities available at The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur include the Tatami room and the Library.

The primary objective of JFKL is to develop mutual understanding between people through culture and language within the region. The office also facilitates and supports the exchange of personnel and experts who works in the field of Arts, Culture, Humanities and Social Sciences. Other objectives include developing a pool of local expertise in the field of Japanese language teaching and developing teaching materials suitable for local needs. Lastly it facilitates the exchange of information between bodies concerned with Japan related cultural issues. For more information, kindly visit: