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Tan Chong Motor Holdings Career Talk

Tan Chong Motor Holdings Group is today one of the largest national conglomerates involved in a myriad of business activities; from the assembly and marketing of motor vehicles and auto parts manufacturing to property development as well as trading in various heavy machineries, industrial equipment and consumer products - both locally and abroad.

On Thursday, June 26, 2014, Mr Johnson Chan has arrived to expose APU students towards the available career opportunities, as well as Tan Chong’s Internship Programme. According to Mr Johnson Chan, the programme provides students with the opportunity to discover their strengths and apply their knowledge while acquiring real-life working experience in a fast-paced environment. Students will embark on an enriching journey where the internship is guided by mentors as they learn hands-on in the Tan Chong Group’s diversified business landscape.

Around 30 students and staff attended the talk, and it has served a good guidance for the student audience to take up their internship with Tan Chong, as well as the available job opportunities in the group.