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DHL Career Talk @ APU

The DHL IT Services Career Talk successfully took place in Room L2-5, APU Campus @ TPM, from 10:30am to 1:00pm, on the 17th of July (Thursday). Speakers from DHL who were present were Grace Ho, Manager of Team, Business Intelligence, Anantha Narayanan, Head of Service Support Department and Then Sik Kwang, Manager of Team Customer Services CBJ. This talk was organised by the APU Careers Centre.

The talk was mainly targeted towards our IT students, currently in their Final Year of studies. During the talk, the speakers provided students with an overview of the company’s background, while exposing them to the current available job opportunities within the company. Other than full-time positions, DHL IT Services also offers a 18 months Graduate Programme. This programme is open for both local and international IT students who are about to graduate, and students are encouraged to apply at any point of their final year.

The talk received an overwhelming response from our students. A total of 54 students attended this informative and interactive session.