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APU Team Wins "Best Executed" Award in Masters of Rev Up 2014

We are pleased to announce that Team Xiandy from APU was awarded the “Best Executed” Award in the Masters of Rev-Up Class of 2014 Closing Ceremony, which took place at the National Museum on the 6th of December 2014 (Saturday). The team comprised of 4 students: Lee Wei Xian, Teh Chun Jay, Yong Gheng Tuck and Ng Kok Xuan, who are currently studying Software Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering and Information Technology.
The award was presented to the team in conjunction with the Masters of Rev Up 2014 – Rev-olutionising Marathon campaign. Throughout the campaign, Team Xiandy, together with other participants from Malaysian public and private universities, had to organise a marathon event by integrating creative ideas and concepts with the given budget and timeline. The team generated the “Bag-A-Thon” project – a 3km marathon which participants had to carry a 3kg bag while completing the challenge. Team Xiandy used 6 months to prepare for the marathon which took place on the 15th of November 2014 in Technology Park Malaysia. Among 16 other finalists who were qualified, Team Xiandy successfully bagged the “Best Executed” award, for being the team who executed the entire event smoothly without any major flaws. The team walked away with a cash prize of RM 1,000.
The campaign was a great opportunity for the students to enhance their event management and coordination skills. Thumbs up for their effort being put in for the entire 6 months of preparation. Congratulations for the achievement!