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Reimagine Learning. Explore. Engage. Activate.

In this unprecedented time, the new normal does not mean life stops. At APU, we understand the uncertainties and challenges that must be overcome. The safety and precautionary steps that we have put in place give us the confidence that we can make learning a continuous and ongoing growth. As we gradually recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also ensuring that we provide you with the support, throughout your learning journey and beyond.

Explore Your Imagination - Never be defined by limits. Want a career in Engineering or Internet of Things? Perhaps drive that entrepreneurial spirit? Let your creativity run free. We have all the courses to move your life journey. Our industry-relevant courses will prepare you for the real world. By the time you graduate, you will be equipped with professional, lifelong skills that allow you to embark on rewarding career journeys ahead. To date, APU graduates have achieved exceptional graduate employability, where over 50,000 alumni take pride of their success in different parts of the world.

Engage Your Senses - With Covid-19, education has changed and we must overcome conventional teaching and learning. Engage with us and find out how your education is moving beyond the boundaries of classrooms and physical presence. Through our Online Learning (OL) initiatives, we don't just deliver online classes - we bring interesting learning experiences to you. With the right infrastructure and dedicated talents in place, we aspire to inspire you further.

Activate Your Potential - Your desires and your inspirations are your driving force. You decide your next move. We want to empower you to shape your future the way you want it. Create your own story. At APU, teams and cohorts of students have engaged in enriching learning experiences. They are award winners, they are charitable individuals, they are capable event planners, and they are high achievers. Every year, we take pride in the success of our students, who have created amazing stories of themselves, creating the better versions of themselves, constantly. Make that choice with us. Be a part of us.