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Educational Visit to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Museum and Art Gallery

A total of 33 students and 4 lecturers from the School of Computing & Technology (SCT) conducted an educational visit to the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Museum and Art Gallery at Sasaran Kijang on Tuesday, 19 May 2015. The objectives of this trip were to expose students to the vast knowledge of  Art and Design preview of Bank Negara Heritage with supporting multimedia appliances.

The tour at the museum was assisted by Pn. Noreen, curator of BNM Museum Art Gallery, who also conducted a talk on the architecture and elements of the museum. The tour consisted of 5 parts, namely the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery, Economics Gallery, Numismatic Gallery and the Art Gallery. 

It was an eye-opening experience for the students, who were given the opportunity to elevate their financial literacy and they were able to appreciate Malaysia’s cultural distinctiveness further. 

APU and Bank Negara Malaysia Museum, Art and Knowledge Management Centre (MAGKMC) Industrial Collaboration

A collaborative relationship among APU and Bank Negara has successfully been established as  two lecturers from the Multimedia, Audio and Video group of the School of Computing and three of their students attended a discussion at the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum, Art and Knowledge Management Centre (MAGKMC). 

Academic supervisors and advisors for the project, Ms. Gayatri and Mr. Daniel, together with Level 1 students Redwan Ahmed Nahian, Seifeddine El Ayeb and James Tai Wai Jin met Ms. Noreen, the curator of MAGKMC’s Children’s Gallery and Mr.  Fakhrullah, MAGKMC’s collaboration officer. The aim for the discussion was to discuss on future collaboration of industrial projects with APU.  The meeting with MAGKMC allowed the students to have good exposure for current involvements in industrial projects with MAGKMC, which was to develop two videos for MAGKMC, one for Children Gallery and the other for Economic Gallery.

The students were tasked to incorporate interactive features on the existing videos and make it more informative to visitors of the gallery. The output was expected to be delivered by first week of November 2015.  The students signed the Letter of Undertaking with MAGKMC, as they strived to be committed in completing the projects. On behalf of the team, we would like to wish them all the best in completing the projects, and thumbs up for the good initiative by the lecturers. We look forward to have more collaborations with our partners of the industry in the future, so that we are able to equip our students with industry-ready technical and soft skills.