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Industrial Visit to Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Operation Office

39 Diploma in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) students participated in an industrial visit to MAS Operation Office on Monday, 18th of January 2016. This visit was arranged by Ms Tham Hoong Ching from School of Technology. During the visit, MAS had introduced their Crew Management System to the students, in which allowed them to have a better understanding of the integrations of five (5) components of Information Systems (IS), and the importance of IT in supporting business processes.
MAS also introduced their future plans such as advancement of system towards higher mobility and the usage of Information Technology hardware/software to achieve competitive advantages. After completion of the briefing, MAS arranged a visit to their operation and crew reporting offices. In the operation office, students observed the working environment of the Crew Management teams and were able to understand the role of the operations staff including preparation of weather reports for the pilots of different airline companies. In the crew reporting office, the students managed to witness the reporting and briefing processes. Every day, the crew reports to work through a web-based system.