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Testimonials (Design & Creative Media)

Mitsuki Itani (Japan)

APIIT helped me to grow my skills in 3D with lecturers who were very helpful in many aspects. The experience at APIIT helped me push myself to work for what I love and luckily that became my job now.

BSc in Visual Effects and Concept Design (2018)
3D Character Artist at Streamline Studios 

Sharon Ng Yen Peng (Malaysia)

APU is a place filled with talented students with big dreams and warm-hearted staffs. The lecturers are inspiring, and many opportunities were given to us to explore and learn. APU has shaped me to become detail-oriented which allow me to land my first job.

BA (Hons) Animation (2016)
Character Effect Artist, Silver Ant Sdn. Bhd.  

Lok Chi Cheng (Malaysia)

I’ve learned a lot of practical skills from classes; as an individual, I was trained to become a better and all-rounded person. Many opportunities are given to us to gain more industrial experiences. All of these had motivated me which lead me to my dream job today.

BA (Hons) Product Design (2015)
Project Coordinator, Conceptual Art Design (M) SDN.BHD  

Hassan Munir (United Arab Emirates)

APIIT has enriched in my professionalism as well as problem-solving and critical thinking abilities which contribute highly in my career. Today, I’m the Chief Creative Officer at Comic Con and a proud APIIT Alumni!

Certificate in Graphic Design (2002)
Chief Creative Officer at Comic Con, United Arab Emirates 

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