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Testimonials (Marketing & Tourism)

Raimkulov Amirkhan (Kazakhstan)

APU programme gave me a solid knowledge base in all areas of marketing, especially the ability to put theory into practice. I had no problems finding a job in my home country, APU certificate is very much appreciated by the employer in Kazakhstan.

BA (Hons) in Media Marketing (2019)
Sales Assistant, RTS Decaux JSC, Kazakhstan  

Roveel Zahra (Pakistan)

APU has provided me one-of-a-kind experience that really moulds a student from the inside out. A variety of student activities were also organised frequently and due to the multi-cultural setting, socializing is an experience to be enjoyed. I’m proud to say that I’m an APU graduate!

BA (Hons) in Media Marketing (2019)
Business Development Consultant, Oracle Corporation Malaysia 

Yap Han Wen (Malaysia)

One word - awesome! The lecturers are passionate about their work, willing to spend time to help their. Studying at APU has prepared me for the challenges ahead which allow me to secure my current job.

BA (Hons) in Marketing Management (2018)
Client Service Executive, Consumer Insights, Nielsen Malaysia  

Muhammad Yafi Tonrusdi (Indonesia)

APU exposed me to so many people from different cultures and backgrounds. The multicultural environment and work-like environment really helped me in my career.

BA (Hons) in Marketing Management (2015)
Business Development Specialist at CIMA, Indonesia 

Sholpan Yendybayeva (Kazakhstan)

Throughout the course, my lecturers have taught me to think critically, work as a team, and critical thinking that has helped me in my professional life. The academic impact has definitely played an important role in my life.

BA (Hons) in Media Marketing (2014)
Digital Marketer, Pravo Management Consultancies  

Ungku Nazren Al Haq Bin Harun Al-Rashid (Malaysia)

As a Marketing Management graduate, my education never stopped after APIIT/APU and the certification I obtained enabled me to be exposed to experience where I am currently pursuing my CFA and CB with the AICB.

BA (Hons) in Marketing Management (2010)
Assistant Vice President, Technology & Innovation - Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) 

Aiesha Butt (Pakistan)

The exposure I got from was phenomenal, I am truly grateful to have been a part of APIIT University. Proudly, heading a renowned creative marketing agency called Constantine PR in Pakistan.

BA (Hons) in Media Marketing (2008)
Regional Account Manager at LangSpire, Pakistan 

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