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Testimonials (Postgraduate Studies)

Amira Ahmed Abdillahi (Djibouti)

I have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time. Most importantly, I learned at APU how to get out of my comfort zone something that I could not do before.

Master of Project Management (2019)
Banking Management Trainee at IIB  

Martina Nikolovska (United States of America)

I can gladly say that all my professors have had a major impact in my life as they have taught me more than what is on the syllabus but also shared their past experiences in the industry.

MSc in Global Marketing Management (2019)
Legal Administrative Specialist at Social Security Administration  

Mohammed Kaif Dada (India)

Thanks APU for giving me such wonderful opportunity to explore the University. It was one of the most interesting stages in my life. APU taught me a lot of fundamentals and provided a variety cultures learning environment.

MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics (2019)
Data Scientist at ESG Global 

Raif Shareef (Maldives)

Exposure I gained at APU was valuable. The experience helped me explore my areas of interest. The best thing was to inspire me to pursue and make a career out of doing something I love.

MSc in Global Marketing Management (2019)
Business Development & Growth Hacker at MyBump Media Sdn Bhd 

Sareenia C. Gendsen (Malaysia)

APU is recognized for IT and how it evolves in the entire industry be it management, finance, or even accounting. The base is to evolve to digitalized and fast forward looking for the future. For me, knowledge and skills are the most important thing in my employment. It has not only increased my chances to be employed but also to evolve to be a better person in the real world.

Master in Accounting with a specialism in Forensic Analysis (2019)
Credit Administration Officer, Alliance Bank Malaysia, Malaysia  

Umar Saeed Nayer (Pakistan)

APU really did provided me with courage and confidence, allowing me to discover even more possibilities that even me myself never expected. I would recommend APU to anyone as I have learned so much from here.

Master of Project Management (2019)
Global Marketing Manager - Linkitsoft  

Dewinta Aryanie (Indonesia)

APU taught me anything is possible to achieve. With the right effort and skills, you will achieve what you want. For me, I’ve became a Manager at Maybank today and I will give most of the credits to APU.

MSc in Technology Management (2018)
Manager - FCC Analyst at Maybank  

Truc Thanh Le Sammy (Vietnam)

Studying with people from different countries helped me to adapt and harmonize between people; be confident and present my idea. Moreover, I can learn better about my client from different cultures and religions.

Master of Business Administration (Euro Asia Business) (2018)
Delivery Project Admin, TRG International, Vietnam  

Keizia Emor (Indonesia)

APU has a strong reputation for producing graduates to become a successful person in their chosen profession. My journey with APU really matured me and helped me to develop my personality and skills.

Master of Science in International Business Communication (2017)
Content Quality Specialist at TikTok 

Anna Juhasova (Slovakia)

I was exposed to numerous APU cultural events, platforms to mingle with others, and opportunities to build friendships that last until today.

Master of Science International Business Communication (2016)
Employment Consultant at APM  

Maiya Mukhamediyeva (Kazakhstan)

APU was one of my best decisions. My time in APU truly transformed me into something I am today. Thanks to my APU experience I became more competitive and be able to apply to managerial positions.

MSc in Technology Management (2015)
Card Unit FO Team Leader at Citi 

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