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Embrace technology as part of digital transformation - while you're at home, stay connected with our team of experts through various channels available. Our team of counsellors are online to answer to your queries, from 10am - 7pm. Online application services and Scholarships & Merit Awards application are available too!

Please fill up the form below to request for a callback, we will get in touch with you shortly! You may also call / WhatsApp the following counsellors who are online:

 Ms. Teck Ting

 Mr. Sharveen

 Ms. Chie Wen

 Ms. Jia Wen

 Ms. Syakirin

 Mr. Colin Law

 Ms. Hasmira

 Mr. Chee Seng 

 Mr. Chin

 Ms. Miatte

 Ms. Regine

 Ms. Farhah

 Mr. Loong SS

 Ms. Izni

 Mr. Abdul Qahar

 Ms. Chloe Yong

 Mr. Edison

 Mr. Adrian Chan

 Mr. Visva

 Ms. Caster

Note: If you require any immediate assistance, please chat with us by clicking on the "Chat Now" button at the bottom of our website or CLICK HERE for an immediate Live Chat session with our Counsellors now.

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