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International Mobility Programme for Rikkyo University, Japan Students

A group of Japanese students from Rikkyo University, Japan recently experienced the cultures of Malaysia and the international student enviroment at APU. Their cultural experience included learning about cultural diversity & ethnic groups of Malaysia and learning to dress in the traditional Malay clothing for men and women. During their short stint at APU they attended An Introduction to Malaysian Culture conducted by Nelfi Adiea and the Personal Development & Study Methods conducted by Cynthia Paul, of the School of Foundation. 

They also gained some valuable out of classroom experience by interacting informally with members of the Japanese student club & Japanese student ambassadors and mutually sharing their cultural and academic backgrounds.  Their 1-week International Mobility programme ended with a visit and trekking at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM).


Asked what the liked during their short stint at APU, the students unanimously remarked that “ the variety of food and the different cultures was something that they did not expect and so it was a welcome surprise”  Some of the Rikkyo University students vowed to come back again for a longer period.