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APU eSports Malaysia Academy

On 23rd February 2017, APU launched Malaysia's first eSports academy, together with eSports Malaysia, the governing body of electronic sports in Malaysia. The launch was officiated by Deputy Higher Education Minister, Y.B. Datuk Dr. Mary Yap Kain Ching at APU's New Campus.


The APU eSports Malaysia Academy aims to serve as a platform for students to channel their passion for competitive gaming. We emphasise on building character in students, specifically by developing life skills such as perseverance, teaming and decision-making. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

  • Develop essential skills required in competitive gaming of the subject matter:

    • Build understanding and strengthen game knowledge

    • Improve individual play styles

    • Train game senses and reflexes

    • Develop understanding of team dynamics, effective teamwork, sportsmanship and good play ethics

    • Develop a range of soft skills such as leadership, perseverance, critical thinking, decision-making, problem- solving, communication and others

Game-Based Programmes

For more information/course enquiries, you can submit the completed Enquiry Form HERE or e-mail to esports@apu.edu.my

Nationwide Coverage on Malaysia's FIRST eSports Academy

  • Astro Channel 808,  360° eGG Network - South East Asia first 24/7 eSports & Gaming Entertainment Network (2 March, 2017)