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An Eventful Month Celebrating Healthy Lifestyle

APU Sports Carnival 2019 Ended on a High Note


The month of July @ APU was an eventful one, particularly in encouraging the practice of a healthy living lifestyle. The APU Sports Carnival 2019 celebrated the importance of sports, health, teamwork and sportsmanship, through a record-breaking series of events that spanned over 1 month.

The 2019 installment of the Sports Carnival was officially known as the largest Sports Carnival in our history, in which we recorded the highest amount of participation as well as the most variety of sports being played. In addition, this year’s Sports Carnival further encouraged the interaction of staff & students outside the classrooms and offices, as the Organizing Committee first introduced the Staff vs Students Friendly Matches for the Futsal, Netball & Volleyball events. The Staff teams won the Futsal & Volleyball events whereas the Student team championed the Netball match.
In overall, the APU Sports Carnival was an astonishing success; the APU Student Activities & Representative Council (Student ARC) did a great job pulling this together! We highly applaud their efforts in instilling the spirits of sportsmanship within our students and staff, while encouraging healthy competition within the university’s environment. Kudos to APU Student ARC!