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APIIT Graduate Makes Good in IT industry

When Kris Uttraphan graduated from APIIT in 2002, he had a vision for his future and had already laid the foundation to turn that vision into reality. He started his company as early as January that year and by September, the company was officially registered as Stampede Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Kris tells us something of the ethos and evolution of his company:

"Stampede Solutions started as a small software development company developing ad-hoc applications to clients' requests. As time passed, the workforce grew and we decided that developing software the way we did was not the right strategy for growth. We did research on potential market for our product lines and narrowed the original list from over 20 products to just 3 - Volare 2005 Debt Collection Management, Gymbo.NET, and Minerva Scheduler System. With this generic classification, we were able to provide value-added services for our clients of knowledge and consultancy industries in a more effective way".

The success of the 3 products took Stampede Solutions to the international market in early 2004. They have since opened new offices in Thailand and Australia, providing marketing and development support. Its young and dynamic team, good products, and exceptional customer service attribute to Stampede Solutions' success.

"We believe in healthy competition and do not compete with other software companies simply to dominate a bigger market share. Otherwise, we would be too preoccupied keeping pace with competitors and losing sight of our original vision. We set our own pace, and with that, we always keep the customer's best interest in mind in whatever we do. When we started working on Volare 2005 Debt Collection Management System, there were already 3 other key players in the market. Today, we are among the top in the industry with recognition from telcos and banks."

Commenting on his experience while studying at APIIT, Kris adds,

"APIIT provided me with a very strong foundation on the industry. In fact, over 70% of our current work force is APIIT graduates. Discipline and professionalism are vital if we want to pursue further into the IT industry. APIIT's project-based curriculum approach and scenario-based projects give us a head start in the industry."

"As an individual, running this company has given me a better business perspective. Many lessons were learnt the hard way over the years as an entrepreneur myself, and I believe with this, my perspective could be of benefit to new graduates and other young entrepreneurs."