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Putting Theories Into Practice - APU Tourism Students Conducted Tour to Pangkor Island

As we all know, classroom learning aims to provide an overview of a subject matter and its theories; whereas out-of-classroom experiences are proven to be effective ways to enrich students’ learning experiences.

As part of their curriculum, students of intake UC2F1701 who were under the BA (Hons) in Tourism Management programme by School of Marketing and Media (SOMM) recently conducted a tour to Pangkor Island. It was a practical assignment of the Retail Travel Operations module, in which students were required to discover the real-life retail travel environment and operational practices, as well as the challenges within the industry, ranging from pricing, marketing to supplier costing. They were given the opportunity to conduct the A-to-Z processes of crafting and implementing a tour package, in which these processes were similar to practicing tour operators in the industry.

The students attained positive feedbacks from their peers, who were students who participated in the tour. It was an enormous gain for the students, as they were exposed to the extensive tour-planning and operational processes through this experience. Now, they are ready to set foot within the industry – may we wish them all the best as they progress through their careers in the future!